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At the equipment of system of airsupply on the basis of FVK-1 with the electromanual fan it is possible to manage an emergency source from batteries which use for lighting, and to ensure functioning of fans manually.

1 we Define possibilities of system in the mode 1 (pure ventilation). Proceeding from that. that giving of one set of FVK-1 in the mode 1 makes 1200 m3/h, and one ERV-72-2 — 900 m3/h, giving of system in the mode 1:

Possibilities of the available shelter are used not fully because of limited giving of system of airsupply. Increase giving on 1/4 will allow to increase number protected on the 30th persons (to full capacity — 180 people).

We define possibilities of system in the mode III (regeneration). In a set of FVK-1 there is no regenerative RU-150/6 installation therefore the mode III is not provided with system. On situation (it is not expected a strong gas contamination of the atmosphere) it is possible to do without the mode