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In the south of a curry dish generally vegetable and very sharp. From traditional recipes it is possible to recommend a bkhudzhi (curry vegetables), DOS, idl and a samba (rice flat cakes, pelmeni with a stuffing from marinades and lentil with a curry) and a raita (yogurt with a grated cucumber and mint). As the main ingredient of southern Indian cuisine the coco serves.

From sweets, generally give dairy puddings, cookies and fritters. On all India it is widespread kulf (Indian morozheno, a rasgulla (the cottage cheese balls seasoned with pink water), gulab-dzhamun (a flour, yogurt and grated almonds) and dzhaleb (fritters in syrup. Except a magnificent choice of sweets, will always offer you fruit: mango, grenades, melons, apricots, apples and strawberry. The western groceries are on sale in many cities.

Meat dishes are more widespread in the north: rogan-dzhosh (curry mutton), a gushtaba (spicy meatballs in yogurt and the most tasty biriyan (chicken or mutton with rice with orange sauce). Taste of muglaysky dishes is saturated and rich, they are generously seasoned with spices and strewed with a nut and a saffron. From northern areas happen well-known the tandoor (chicken, meat or fish, marinated to herbs and baked in the clay furnace) and kebab.

In the south rice is obligatory while in the north of it often supplement or replace various fresh flat cakes — Pura, chappat, with Nan and others. The general for all India is gave (shredded lentil vegetables soup) and (curdled milk or yogurt which is given with a curry). Besides, that this very tasty dish, during a heat it refreshes better, than drinks.

Hindus very much love sweets. Some of them are very peculiar. For example, gadzhar-halvah is a halvah from carrots, or rasmala - meatballs from a panir in condensed milk. Also sweet plova from fruit are widespread. However, some Hindus after all eat meat -.