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Also experiments on use of heat containing in firm structures of crust are conducted. Such heat from a subsoil is drawn by means of pumping water which then is used as well as other thermal waters.

Big energy resources the water mass of the seas and oceans have. Tidal energy, sea currents, and also gradients of temperatures at various depths concerns to them. Now this energy is used in the extremely insignificant quantity because of the high cost of receiving. It, however, does not mean, as further its share in an energy balance will not raise.

The second way of transformation of solar energy to the electric is connected with transformation of water into steam which sets turbogenerators in motion. In these cases for power accumulation power towers with a large number of the lenses concentrating sunshine, and also special solar ponds are most often used. The essence of the last is that they consist of two sheets of water: lower with high concentration of salts and top, presented by transparent fresh water. The role of the material accumulating energy carries out salt solution. Heated water is used for heating or transformation into steam of the liquids boiling at low temperatures.

In general biofuel can be considered as an essential factor of the solution of power problems if not now, in the future. The main advantage of this resource - its constant and a fast vozobnovimost, and at competent use and inexhaustibility.

In the USA the wind farm on the basis of association of a large number of small wind turbines with power about 1500 MW (about 1,5 NPPs) is built. Works on use of wind power in Canada, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and other countries are widely conducted. Except inexhaustibility of a resource and high environmental friendliness of production, the low cost of the energy received on them belongs to advantages of wind turbines. It is 2-3 times lower here, than on thermal power plant and the NPP.

In biomass less than 1% of a stream of solar energy concentrates annually. However this energy significantly exceeds that which is received by the person from various sources now and will receive in the future.