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As one of the fundamental purposes of commodity economy is receiving profit so far as any activity is or has to be the sphere of enhancement of the capital and from this position any market is at the same time and the market for an investment of the capitals.

The organized securities market is their address on the basis of tverdoustoychivy rules between the licensed professional participating intermediaries of the market at the request of other participants of the market. The unorganized market is a circulation of securities without observance of uniform rules for all participants of the market.

Money can be made in production and trade activity, in real estate, antiques, precious metals, etc. In all cases this money can have the gain eventually, that is make profit and very considerable if the directions and conditions on which money as the capital is invested are correctly chosen. However in the considered cases there is no process of preliminary accumulation of a sum of money, necessary for a capital investment. After all before to invest the capital, it should be saved up or from somewhere to receive.