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A2B of 54-80 cm. Damp, ambiguous on color, on a red-brown background whitish languages of silicic powder, loamy mechanical structure, orekhovato-prismatic with varnishing and powder on sides of structural separateness are visible, separate valunchik, transition to the following horizon gradual meet.

All fertilizers were introduced in the spring. Organic fertilizers under plowing, mineral – under cultivation. As mineral fertilizers applied DAF, ammonium nitrate and chloride calcium, organic fertilizer – the semi-rerotting manure.

It is necessary to add to the analysis of meteoconditions that potatoes are a plant exacting to moisture. The critical period – the beginning of blossoming, a lack of moisture leads to decrease in a crop by 17 – 23% at this time. The crop of early grades is defined by rainfall of July, mid-season grades – July – August, late – July – September.

For definition of structure of a crop of barley before harvesting selected samples from the area on 0,25 sq.m in 4 places of an allotment. Attached a label with designation of number of a platform and number of test to each snopik and united in the general sheaf. In laboratory counted number of plants of barley and defined a kustistost (the general and productive).

On collecting solid on the first background the similar difference did not remain. So, the increase to control on mineral system made 15,91 c/hectare that in percentage expression 65,98, and on organo-mineral system the increase to control was 12,63 c/hectare, as a percentage it made 52,3

This contents was higher than by other options of experience. And the lowest content of starch is observed on mineral system of fertilizers of the first background that makes 12,76%, and on organo-mineral system of the second background - 12,77%.

The increase to control on the second background was lower, but too the essential. Also as well as on the first background the greatest increases are observed by two options: option with mineral system - 10,10 c/hectare, as a percentage - 31,31 and option with organo-mineral system - 11,97 c/hectare, as a percentage - 37,1

Occupy the space of 873 hectares and are the most widespread soils of economy. Other 11 hectares are used under an arable land of 475 hectares, on the haymaking's eve of 25 hectares, under pastures of 11 hectares, under the wood of 349 hectares also. Sites of these soils are widespread on all territories of economy.

Insufficient humidity of the soil in an arable layer during this period on landings of potatoes (19,6% on average by experience) was much lower than negative level that considerably reduced receipt of nutritious elements from fertilizers in plants.

Cespitose sandy soils on water and glacial sand – occupy the space of 244 hectares. Are used generally under an arable land. Are formed on plains. Profile of these soils sandy and sandy. Possess big water penetration in comparison with sandy on the water and glacial sand spread by loams.

In 80-130 cm. Crude, red-brown, dense, loamy, orekhovato-prismatic, with varnishing on sides of structural separateness, with inclusions of the valunchik which sometimes are absolutely removed (a shadow, transition to the following horizon gradual.

Zazersky-85 – a grade, mid-season, steady against drowning. So-so is surprised the dusty golovny. Grain yellow, has the absolute mass of 38-46 g and the squirrel contains 11-13%. Korotkostebelny, height of plants is 65-75 cm drought resistance weak. It is very sympathetic on a high agrofon.

On the first background in control option productivity of barley made 10,5 c/hectare. By all options with various systems of fertilizers the reliable rise of productivity in comparison with the control is got. Higher increase of a grain yield of barley it is received on mineral system of fertilizers of 8,01 c/hectare. The same system of fertilizers appeared more effective in comparison with organic system, a difference on productivity of grain of 1,83 c/hectare at – 1,817 c/hectare. Distinction between organo-mineral and organic systems of fertilizers are insignificant.