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Teachers were unprepared to the immediate solution of the tasks set for them. Therefore at the same time it was required to teach new methods of teaching teachers, and to organize an effective practical training and excursions with pupils.

Art and geographical and ethnographic excursions united three various types of excursions: art, geographical and ethnographic. Each look separately was considered inaccessible for school students therefore when developing classification from united in one type.

Activization of excursion activity in the XIX century was connected with emergence of a number of the organizations practicing excursion campaigns. Development of excursion activity was followed by opening of historical, cultural and naturalists' monuments, ensembles, the museums, and also various exhibitions. It was promoted by initiative activity of scientific organizations.

The way of development of excursion went through change of its essence. Originally excursion was the walk pursuing the general education, practical and informative aims. It is connected with excursion origin as one of training methods in educational institutions.

Now excursion is the methodically thought over display of noteworthy objects (culture monuments, the museums, the enterprises, the district, etc.), a form and a method of acquisition of knowledge. It is carried out, as a rule, collectively under the leadership of the specialist guide.

The natural-historical. These excursions aimed to acquaint school students with the nature of that district in which they live. Special attention in them was paid on collecting casting collections: botanical, zoological and geological.