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Compelled to recognize existence of risk in our life, we wish to minimize degree of risk to which we are subject as a result of our actions. Also, we want to have possibility of a choice of the least risky of two and more alternatives. Or we want to correlate risk of any event or riskiness of the enterprise to possible benefits, i.e. we want to choose an optimum ratio of risk and benefit of any enterprise.

When using secondary sources it is necessary to consider that it usually involves the delay of payments connected with difficulty of determination of liquidating cost of pledge, with a legal cost and delays. These factors usually lead to that the final amount of payment on a debt received with attraction of a secondary source does not meet expectations.

Professional abilities of future borrower are especially important if it is about the head of firm wishing to obtain the loan for the business purposes. These abilities are connected with his ability to operate the enterprise, to be guided in the market and to provide profitability of firm.

At addition of new record it is necessary that identification number (ID) by means of the increase at unit previous generated was generated, in case of lack of the previous records, the code accepts the value equal

Reflects ability of firm to repay the current obligations, to conduct the short-term operations. For the industrial enterprises the current ratio 1,2 and is considered above reflecting a good shape of liquidity.

The companies have to be realistic - to specify competitors, their strong and weaknesses against the company. If the company has a shelter in the market (small part of the market where now there is not enough competition), they have to specify it. And also it is desirable that were specified: What barriers exist? What is the time it will borrow? How many at the company is time for development of new production? Whether there are legal restrictions at the competitors entering on your market, such as patents or trademarks?

2 and 3 - shows as far as the borrower provided himself with "financial leverage" for carrying out the operations i.e. as far as it used means of external loans in comparison with resources which he dug up.

c) Whether there is a constancy of results in branch? In other words, whether achieved firm in one branch of identical results for the same period of time or there is a wide divergence in results?

System research is realized by means of system approach and the system analysis. System approach is the general method of research of object as whole, that is as sets of the elements which are in interaction. The system analysis acts as a complex of the special procedures, receptions and methods providing realization of system approach.

The intra-branch environment of the competition is an additional source of information on force and viability of firms in this branch in relation to firms in other branches and is, therefore, a risk indicator. Characteristics of this environment include:

The field TODAY contains the current date, as date of operations. The field FUT_DAT - stores value of date of the next charge of percent. After the current date was determined check of the determined date and value of the field FUT_DAT follows. In case the determined date exceeds value of the field FUT_DAT, it is necessary to remind the user of charge of percent and to forbid all other operations, except for operation of charge of percent. And after the user will satisfy the specified conditions, the work permit with a program complex in full is given. The field FUT_DAT is set by the operator after each periodic charge of percent, and given a task to resolve more TODAY, the following change of this field only after the next charge of periodic percent. And the field LST_DAT also accepts value of the field FUT_DAT after each periodic charge of percent, but only before change of the field FUT_DAT.

The system analysis - from a practical side the system analysis is system of methods of research or design of difficult systems, search, planning and realization of the changes intended for elimination of problems.