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In a certain measure of function of internal auditors carry out the auditing groups at accounts departments of the large enterprises subordinated to the chief accountant or the finance director, however functions of internal auditors are broader.

In the conditions of the market of the enterprise are independent producers. However financial results of their activity interest rather large number of users of information containing in accounting (financial) reports.

Work of internal audit has for the management and (or) owners of the economic subject information and consulting value; it is urged to promote optimization of activity of the economic subject and performance of duties of its management.

Internal audit. Its main objective — the solution of separate functional problems of management, development and check of information systems of the enterprise. Internal audit — an integral part of administrative control of the enterprise. It can be and independent, i.e. directly submit not to executive body of the enterprise, but external founders.

Accounting reports can be subject to distortions owing to a number of factors, in particular use of estimated values and possibility of ambiguous interpretation of the facts of economic life; in addition, reliability of accounting reports is not provided automatically in view of opportunities of partiality of her originators.

In relation to check of separate groups of operations, for example for an audit inspection of inventory holdings, structure of the intermediate purposes and positive (podtverzhdayushche opinion of the auditor will look as follows:

First of all information on activity of the enterprise interests those who is included into so-called partner groups of the enterprise, i.e. directly participates in its financial and economic activity, makes the contribution to this activity, demands compensation for the contribution and, proceeding from the interests, analyzes information on the enterprise.

At the same time users of accounting reports should not treat opinion of audit organization as a full guarantee of future viability of the economic subject or efficiency of activity of its management.

It should be noted, what not all groups of users have equal access to information: only administration and partially owners can analyze all data of the management and financial accounting, accounting (financial) and other reports. Other groups are limited only to data of public accounting (financial) reports.

Besides, there is one more quite extensive group of users of financial statements who are directly not interested in results of activity of the enterprise, but represent and protect interests of the first group of consumers.

audit which cornerstone the risk is. Having concentrated auditor work in areas where risks are higher, it is possible to reduce time spent for check of areas with low risk and by that to provide service, more effective from the point of view of expenses.

Degree of reliability of accounting reports cannot be, as a rule, independently estimated by most of the interested users because of a zatrudnennost of access to registration and other information, and also large number and complexity of the economic operations reflected in accounting reports of economic subjects.

The opinion of audit organization on reliability of accounting reports can promote big trust to this reporting from the users interested in information on the economic subject.

The need for services of the auditor arose in connection with isolation of interests of those who directly is engaged in business management (administration, managers) who makes investments in its activity (owners, shareholders, investors), and also the states as the consumer of information on results of activity of the enterprises.

Internal audit not only gives information on activity of the organization, but also confirms correctness and reliability of reports of managers. Using information of internal audit, the management of the enterprise can carry out quickly and in due time necessary changes in the enterprise.

The special services or certain auditors who are on the staff the economic subject, audit commissions (auditors) involved to the purposes of internal audit the third-party organizations and (or) external auditors can carry out functions of internal audit.