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- safary tour safari, round for hunting, fishing (, fishing, underwater fishing), trips on the nature in for supervision over animals, photohunting, round in park in Kenya or the Republic of South Africa, for to see animals outdoors under natural conditions.

Thus, the organization and management of marketing activity is one of the main commercial functions of the industrial enterprise. All others in relation to it have the subordinated value and as if serve it.

Among the main decisions of the enterprise for sale the decision on width of the offered services is important. The offer of the wide range is desirable. However in the conditions of the market the enterprise on the basis of market researches has to be defined, in what quantity of the range to be engaged, and to select from them the most favorable to itself.

- the nature sanctuary, natural or man-made kulturyono-historical sight, is created for a of concrete natural sights and objects. It is necessary to carry pyramids of Giza and historical monuments in other parts of the world to that;