20 Things To Do A Literature Review

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Expressiveness, clarity laconicism, universality, visibility of graphics made them irreplaceable in research work and in the international comparisons and comparisons socially – economic events.

Graphic and numerical intervals happen equal and unequal. If on everything a scale extent an equal graphic interval correspond equal numerical, such scale is called uniform. When to equal numerical intervals there correspond unequal graphic intervals and vice versa, the scale is called uneven.

The last element of the schedule – an explication. Each schedule has to have the verbal description of its contents. It includes its contents; signatures along large-scale scales and the explanation to separate parts of the schedule.

At creation of a graphic representation it is necessary to observe a number of requirements. First of all the schedule has to be rather evident as all sense of a graphic representation as an analysis method in ohm and consists visually to represent statistics. Besides, the schedule has to be expressive, intelligible and clear. For implementation of above-mentioned requirements each schedule has to include a number of basic elements: graphic image; schedule field; spatial reference points; large-scale reference points; operation of the schedule.