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But remember: if you plan to enter the market with a traditional and well-known product or with a type of service, having carried out in them some improvements for the purpose of increase of the competitiveness, you from the very beginning need to know, what sort of change it is necessary to make, how deep they have to be and how quickly to be carried out.

Today already there is nothing unusual that everywhere it is possible to find such organization of intra firm management which is rather quickly capable to react to fast changes in the external economic environment, to the situation developing in the market. Such organizations constantly create, coordinate any activity of problem-oriented groups and teams, dismiss and again recreate them. In such organizations there is something bigger than the integrated marketing. In them there is a management integrated on all functions headed by heads with broad interdisciplinary preparation. Such companies do not spend a lot of time in aspiration precisely to define how they look in relation to branch in general, to average values.

And still if you are solved on use of such method of marketing within already created branch, the developed market, before incurring the expenses connected with production, to be engaged in search of the office room, whether be convinced, please, there are at least some consumers in the market, persons interested to get that you will make.

You have to know always inquiries in expectations of consumers only first-hand, meeting face to face your clients, each of which – the unique personality, with own, only to it inherent traits of character, temperament, tastes, habits, etc.

Only in such a way you will be able to open for yourself that, actually, consumers want to get. Only in such way you will be able to bring to the consumer what he waits, and that will be able to surround on merits.

"This approach helped us and with "kevlary". When we already had a product, our address to consumers on hands: "What wish, anything?" – meant a sweeping change of tone of communication and entirely changed the attitude towards us in the market. Such approach was directly shown and on production".